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Lóng ist der Name des chinesischen Drachen. Er gilt als das bekannteste Fabelwesen Chinas bzw. des gesamten ostasiatischen Kulturkreises. Datei:Dragon from Chinese Dragon × ( KB), Πrate, {{​Information |Description=Chinese dragon |Source=File:Chinese Dragon. × ( KB), Nyo~commonswiki, {{Information| |Description=Chinese dragon, symbol of Chinese culture and Chinese folk religion. |Source=Own. CHINESE DRAGON # 2 - CROSS STITCH CHARTBastel- & Künstlerbedarf, Handarbeit, Sticken & Kreuzsticken. CHINESE DRAGON # 4 - CROSS STITCH CHARTBastel- & Künstlerbedarf, Handarbeit, Sticken & Kreuzsticken.

Chinese Dragon

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People born in the year of the dragon are confident, impulsive, strong and decisive. They refuse to deceive, prefer to be in power, and are natural leaders.

Read this wonderful Chinese folktale about a little boy named Nie Lang, and how he became a dragon. This is a well-known, traditional tale that is originally from Szechuan province, but now is known throughout China.

Finally, decorate these downloadable dragon coloring sheets. And here is a great, super-easy, all-ages printable dragon craft that my kids enjoyed:.

Available at the Kid World Citizen Teachers Pay Teachers Store , these units are an incredible collection of Common Core aligned reading, writing, math, and critical thinking activities, as well as craftivities and coloring sheets.

Kids have fun doing word problems, scrambles, graphing, a maze- and they learn about Chinese culture. Go now! Very interesting, information of this content allows kids and adults to grow in knowledge that mutually shared, results in a learning experience far outweighing the mindless animation stories constantly bombarding them.

The Chinese New Year has been very interesting to me. Great post! I never knew the dragons helped with a good harvest! He also really loved dragons.

I think it would be really cool symbol for our greenhouse that we are raising money for. Or maybe a dragon sculpture for our garden?

I always ask the students what stories they know that have a dragon, what is the dragon doing, and why? Then we compare it to the Chinese symbol of the dragon.

Love reading your further research. This is wonderful! This is great information. Thanks for providing us with an awesome resource for discovering Chinese New Year.

This is so cool! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Dragon also appears in English mythology. In the English legend, Saint George and the Dragon , the dragon lives in a pond, and poisons the countryside, then it is offered sacrifices of sheep and human beings by villagers.

Yellow dragon, also named Yinglong, is a mythical creature in legends. In the Shan Hai Jing , a collection of Chinese mythology, there is a description about Yinglong: Yinglong is a creature living in the heaven, and it helps the Yellow Emperor to kill Chiyou and Kuafu.

In the tribe war, the Yellow Emperor defeats the Yan Emperor. Western dragon has been portrayed as an evil in the Bible, whether in the Old Testament or in the New Testament.

Still dragon is a deceiver of the world. Dragon is the enemy to human beings and should be defeated. Chinese dragon appears in religion as a good spirit, and does the helping and saving work.

In Taoism, Chinese dragon evolves from serpent, and its main work is to drive the Taoist to the Heaven and the Hell to communicate with gods and ghosts.

With the coming of Buddhism in China, beliefs in dragon king occur in Taoism and spread in believers. In the English poem, Beowulf , dragon is depicted as a treasure-hoarder, and it is capable of emitting fire.

In a Chinese fiction, Journey to the West , dragon appears as an intelligent helper. Dragon King is under the ruling of the Jade Emperor, though it is ennobled as a god.

And it governs oceans, lakes and rivers, and controls water and rainfall. When there are omissions in his job or he makes mistakes, he may be punished by the Jade Emperor.

If you pay enough attention to dragon, you may find that dragon in west countries or in China appears in other literature works and television works.

While Chinese dragon is famous for its strong power and kindness and benevolence, which helps god and human beings remove obstacles and overcome difficulties, and brings rains to dry crops harvest to farmers.

In terms of the two powerful creatures, you may wonder: if there is a fight between them, which one will win?

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Send this Spiel Shaun Das Schaf friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. The coiled dragon or snake form played an important role in early Chinese culture. Since the Chinese consider the Yellow Emperor and the Yan Emperor as their ancestors, they sometimes refer to themselves as " the descendants of the dragon ". Ancient Chinese referred to unearthed dinosaur bones as dragon bones and documented them as such. Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Chinese dragon category. The ancient emperors called their sons "seeds of Jungen Spiele Online, their robes were "dragon robes", and their chairs were "dragon chairs". During the Qing dynastyCasino Review Azure Dragon was featured on the first Chinese national flag. Retrieved on Quizfragen Allgemeinwissen Kostenlos So a common theme in paper-cut works and paintings is for this mythical beast to be shown carrying a plump baby. Main article: Longshen. But if you pay attention to each dragon's color, number of toes, and gesturesyou will find they are different. It is the custom in some regions Wm Quali Gruppen Europa people to believe that the kylin will give Online Schachbrett a son. With the establishment of a feudal society, emperors compared themselves to the dragon Chinese Dragon making it the Merkur Magie Systemfehler symbol of imperial majesty. Today, you can visit temples that were built to honor the dragons and protect China's agriculture. When there are omissions in his job or he Steindamm 100 Hamburg mistakes, he may be punished by the Jade Emperor. Chinese Dragon - [PC] - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen! xinfub Chinese Dragon Head Gold Spaß und interessante Socken cm /. Zoll: Sport & Freizeit. Transfers,Vintage Chinese Dragon Dog Pagoda Embroidery PatternCollectibles, Sewing (Now). Buy BYONDEVER Vintage Punk Silver Black Chinese Dragon Snake Dragon Claw Skull Rings Jewelry Gothic Alloy Open Adjustable(9PCS) and other Rings at. Der Crazy Safety Chinese Dragon ist ein supercooler, sicherer und zertifizierter Fahrradhelm. Coolere Fahrradhelme für Kinder gibt es wohl kaum. Der Helm hat​.

Chinese dragons have many animal-like forms such as turtles and fish , but are most commonly depicted as snake -like with four legs. They traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, typhoons, and floods.

The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it in East Asian culture. During the days of Imperial China, the Emperor of China usually used the dragon as a symbol of his imperial strength and power.

In Chinese culture, excellent and outstanding people are compared to a dragon, while incapable people with no achievements are compared to other, disesteemed creatures, such as a worm.

Historically, the Chinese dragon was associated with the Emperor of China and used as a symbol to represent imperial power. The founder of the Han dynasty Liu Bang claimed that he was conceived after his mother dreamt of a dragon.

The dragon in the Qing dynasty appeared on the first Chinese national flag. The dragon is sometimes used in the West as a national emblem of China though such use is not commonly seen in the People's Republic of China or the Republic of China.

Instead, it is generally used as the symbol of culture. In Hong Kong , the dragon was a component of the coat of arms under British rule.

It was later to become a feature of the design of Brand Hong Kong , a government promotional symbol. The Chinese dragon has very different connotations from the European dragon — in European cultures, the dragon is a fire-breathing creature with aggressive connotations, whereas the Chinese dragon is a spiritual and cultural symbol that represents prosperity and good luck, as well as a rain deity that fosters harmony.

It was reported that the Chinese government decided against using the dragon as its official Summer Olympics mascot because of the aggressive connotations that dragons have outside of China, and chose more "friendly" symbols instead.

The dragon was the symbol of the Chinese emperor for many dynasties. During the Qing dynasty , the Azure Dragon was featured on the first Chinese national flag.

It featured shortly again on the Twelve Symbols national emblem , which was used during the Republic of China , from to Flag of the Qing dynasty , — Flag of the Chinese Eastern Railway , — Flag of the Commissioner of Weihaiwei with the Chinese dragon in the center, — State emblem of Republic of China , — Chinese dragon was one of the supporters of the colonial arms of Hong Kong until Chinese dragon was holding a shield from the arms of Portugal in the colonial arms of the Government of Macau until The ancient Chinese self-identified as "the gods of the dragon" because the Chinese dragon is an imagined reptile that represents evolution from the ancestors and qi energy.

The coiled dragon or snake form played an important role in early Chinese culture. The character for "dragon" in the earliest Chinese writing has a similar coiled form, as do later jade dragon amulets from the Shang period.

Ancient Chinese referred to unearthed dinosaur bones as dragon bones and documented them as such. Fossilized remains of Mei long have been found in China in a sleeping and coiled form, with the dinosaur nestling its snout beneath one of its forelimbs while encircling its tail around its entire body.

The C-shaped jade totem of Hongshan culture c. Gilded-bronze handle in the shape of a dragon head and neck, made during the Eastern Han period 25— AD.

From its origins as totems or the stylized depiction of natural creatures, the Chinese dragon evolved to become a mythical animal.

The Han dynasty scholar Wang Fu recorded Chinese myths that long dragons had nine anatomical resemblances. The people paint the dragon's shape with a horse's head and a snake's tail.

Further, there are expressions as 'three joints' and 'nine resemblances' of the dragon , to wit: from head to shoulder, from shoulder to breast, from breast to tail.

If a dragon has no [ chimu ], he cannot ascend to the sky. Further sources give variant lists of the nine animal resemblances. The head of a crocodile.

A demon's eyes. The neck of a snake. A tortoise's viscera. A hawk's claws. The palms of a tiger. A cow's ears. And it hears through its horns, its ears being deprived of all power of hearing.

Chinese dragons were considered to be physically concise. Of the scales, 81 are of the yang essence positive while 36 are of the yin essence negative.

Initially, the dragon was benevolent, wise, and just, but the Buddhists introduced the concept of malevolent influence among some dragons.

Just as water destroys, they said, so can some dragons destroy via floods, tidal waves, and storms.

They suggested that some of the worst floods were believed to have been the result of a mortal upsetting a dragon. Many pictures of Chinese dragons show a flaming pearl under their chin or in their claws.

The pearl is associated with spiritual energy, wisdom, prosperity, power, immortality, thunder, or the moon. Chinese art often depicts a pair of dragons chasing or fighting over the flaming pearl.

This description accords with the artistic depictions of the dragon down to the present day. The dragon has also acquired an almost unlimited range of supernatural powers.

It is said to be able to disguise itself as a silkworm , or become as large as our entire universe. It can fly among the clouds or hide in water according to the Guanzi.

It can form clouds, can turn into water, can change color as an ability to blend in with their surroundings, as an effective form of camouflage or glow in the dark according to the Shuowen Jiezi.

In many other countries, folktales speak of the dragon having all the attributes of the other 11 creatures of the zodiac, this includes the whiskers of the Rat , the face and horns of the Ox , the claws and teeth of the Tiger , the belly of the Rabbit , the body of the Snake , the legs of the Horse , the goatee of the Goat , the wit of the Monkey , the crest of the Rooster , the ears of the Dog , and the snout of the Pig.

In some circles, it is considered bad luck to depict a dragon facing downwards, as it is seen as disrespectful to place a dragon in such manner that it cannot ascend to the sky.

Also, depictions of dragons in tattoos are prevalent as they are symbols of strength and power, especially criminal organisations where dragons hold a meaning all on their own.

As such, it is believed that one must be fierce and strong enough, hence earning the right to wear the dragon on his skin, lest his luck be consumed by the dragons.

Chinese dragons are strongly associated with water and weather in popular religion. They are believed to be the rulers of moving bodies of water, such as waterfalls, rivers, or seas.

The Dragon God is the dispenser of rain as well as the zoomorphic representation of the yang masculine power of generation.

Because of this association, they are seen as "in charge" of water-related weather phenomena. Chinese New Year. Generally, there is a long dragon, spanning up to 70 meters, that is constructed using hoops made of bamboo covered with glistening fabric, and held by dancers.

Dragon boat racing: Dragon boats are decorated like a Chinese dragon. This activity usually attracts many people to appreciate the custom during the traditional Dragon Boat Festival.

The nine sons are often used in buildings' decorations and sculptures. Chinese zodiac sign of the Dragon : Every year within each year cycle of the lunar calendar is represented in Chinese mythology by one of 12 animals.

People born in the year of , , , , , , , or belong to the Dragon zodiac sign. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is also a famous movie's name.

See 10 movies to watch before going to China. A number of legends concerning the origin of the dragon emerged in the course of Chinese history, of which the Totem-Worship Theory is more popular than the others.

The Yellow Emperor Huangdi, a legendary tribal leader launched a series of wars against nine tribes on the Yellow River Valley, and incorporated the other tribes' totems into his own dragon totem after defeating them.

This explains why the dragon has attributes belonging to nine other creatures: eyes like a shrimp , antlers like a deer , a big mouth like a bull , a nose like a dog , whiskers like a catfish , a lion 's mane, a long tail like a snake , scales like a fish , and claws like a hawk.

Chinese dragons don't exist in real life, but you can see many dragon elements in China. The following three suggestions are just a few examples of where Chinese dragons "exist".

You may discover more dragons by yourself. Another tradition says that 'Pixiu', a fierce but auspicious beast, was the ninth son. It had a dragon's head, horse's body, kylin's feet, a long beard and wings but no anus, which was its most distinctive feature and symbolized the bringing and accumulation wealth.

In the art of Feng Shui, it also functioned to exorcise undesirable influences. For this reason hosts would have a statue of 'Pixiu' on certain furniture; it was believed that Pixiu made of jade were the most effective for such purposes.

The dragon, phoenix, tortoise, and kylin are the four most revered animals of ancient China. Of these only the tortoise is real, the others being entirely fictitious; each was a symbol of good fortune and this is why people paid them so much respect.

The phoenix is splendid and regarded as the king of birds. Usually it paired with the dragon and in wedding celebrations it is a wish for a harmonious marriage for the new couple.

Once the dragon became a totem of the emperor, the phoenix was accorded a similar significance to empresses.

For generations, people have named food, musical instruments, and even girls with the Chinese character 'Feng' phoenix , in the expectation that they are as splendid as the phoenix.

The tortoise is one of the animals that has endured longest on earth and as such is a symbol of longevity and wealth because it is thought that the tortoise evolved while collecting the nimbus of nature.

Consequently it is favorable to present a statue of a tortoise to the senior or breed tortoises in a place that can bring enrichment according to the theory of 'Feng Shui'.

The kylin has a compound appearance with dragon's head, antlers, horse's hoofs, an oxtail, wolf's forehead and a colorful scute.

It is lively, intelligent, and gentle, but valorous to ward off devils. It is the custom in some regions for people to believe that the kylin will give them a son.

So a common theme in paper-cut works and paintings is for this mythical beast to be shown carrying a plump baby. Answers App. A dragon-shaped lantern The image of the dragon has undergone a series of changes over the centuries becoming more and more mighty and beautiful.

Dragon Dance The most vibrant and spectacular way of expressing fondness for the dragon is the dragon dance.

Nine Sons of the Dragon - Culture Mirror.

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